Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transition

Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transitions

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A Positive Approach: Explore!

People often come for counseling or therapy because of some specific difficulty in their life or work or relationships, troubling feelings, or because of difficult to solve problems. Therapy is, of course, geared to help with these specific issues.

Sometimes, though, people forget that there is another reason to consider psychotherapy. This reason falls within Socrates’ adage that "the unexamined life is not worth living". Therapy is a wonderful medium for individuals who are interested and curious about themselves and their deeper experience.

Something to think about!

In today's fast paced society, with multi-tasking, information "overload", computer based relationships, and the general focus on sound "bites", video images, and pre-recorded message menus, there are few places to have the opportunity for developing an in-depth and serious exploration of the deeper parts of oneself.

Early analysts often commented that, one of the most healing and growth promoting aspects of psychotherapy is that the person gets to meet and explore their own unconscious in the collaborative solitude of the therapeutic encounter. There is both a sharing and a privacy to such self exploration that makes much deeper aspects of the person's personality available to the person for growth and problem solving.