Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transition

Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transitions

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Each Person is a Universe

Authenticity in the counseling relationship means that the therapist meets the client wherever they are in their life experience. The therapeutic relationship is a collaborative one. The client brings their issues, concerns and questions and the therapist brings their expertise to help explore those questions in a way that personal pain, suffering, or conflicts can be recontextualized. During counseling or treatment, it is hoped that positive, meaningful and individualized solutions will emerge that fit your unique goals, life experience, and values. The aim is to fit the treatment or counseling to you, not to try to fit the complexity of your unique individuality into someone else's framework or theory.

I strongly believe that "each person is a universe". We each have the strength within us to find meanings, solutions and ways to cope and live our lives with authenticity even in the face of daunting challenges and pain. Working towards growth and healing is an individualized process and a collaborative one.