Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transition

Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transitions

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Presentations: Career and Life Sucess

Dr. Michael Komie is a Licensed Psychologist who has devoted the past 17 years to providing assistance to individuals and management teams around managerial mental health, impaired professionals, stress and the workplace, the impact of workplace pressure on executives, occupational culture and defenses against anxiety, and work related traumatic stress issues. He has assisted many executives deal with the impact of illness or disability in the executive suite. Dr. Komie is also available to do needs assessments and policy and training consultations for both not for profit and for profit organizations. He can provide individual consultations for management or provide workshops, lectures, and training seminars for key members of the management team.

As an inspirational sought-after speaker, Dr. Komie privately consults with senior management and professional staff of various companies and holds workshops, lectures and training seminars for the general public and professional organizations.

Dr. Komie is available for a variety of presentations with formats adapted to different organizations' specific needs. To schedule Dr. Michael Komie for a presentation, seminar or workshop, please contact Dr. Komie by phone at (312) 220-0044 or via Email : Mkomiephd@aol.com.