Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transition

Dr. Michael Komie, Phd.

Psychotherapy, Career Counseling, Life Transitions

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The Workplace - Career and Life Success

Exploring careers, workplace strategy, & complex work situations with self-directed individuals for over 17 years.

The men and women who are in the current generation of managers, professionals, and decision-makers are better informed, better able to access data, and more independent than the professionals of the past. They are highly self directed & are not products of a “gray-flannel suit and white shirt” mentality. They are not willing to sacrifice core professional and personal values to live an unquestioned corporate lifestyle. They do not subscribe to a model of a career being built around a single company, mentor, job title or corporate identity.          - Michael Komie, PhD (2004)

Career Consultation   Occupational Mental Health   Education & Lifestyle
Career Choice
Interest Pattern Assessment
Career Change/Transitions
Preparation for Promotions
Career Strategy & Planning
Adapting to Career Success
Dual Career Couples
  Self-Esteem Issues in the
Job Related Trauma
Stressful Event Debriefing
Re-entry to Workforce
Traumatic Job Loss
Work Stress
Working with Difficult Mgrs
Illness/Disability Issues & Work
  Educational Choice
Life Path and Personal Goal
Non-Traditional and
    Individualized Work Styles
Preparing for Retirement
Leisure Planning

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